Building a movement for good

Our challenge was to give this Group and Trust a new name and create a striking, modern visual identity that captures their heritage and their unifying position as a movement for good, both in business and society.

What ties us together

There are four key areas of Benefact Group and Trust’s partnership – Charity, Church, Community and Collaboration. These are the ties that bind them together, so we paid homage to them with a new, central brand device: the quatrefoil.

This symbolic asset is both a logo and a holding shape for imagery and messaging, as well as a window into the Benefact world. An adaptable brand device that reveals the people and projects that the Benefact Group and Trust support.

From the quatrefoil, we built out a full brand identity, crafting a bespoke wordmark and typeface, all collateral, plus brand and digital assets. Benefact Group’s mission was also distilled into a brand narrative, to communicate their movement out to the world.