The Power of Two

Affinity needed a new brand narrative, visual identity and a stronger digital capability for growth. We developed a striking new visual identity, and simplified user journeys online, with clear gateways to relevant content.

Showcasing Affinity

Affinity means an attraction, a bond, a shared origin. So we worked to develop a creative style that celebrates togetherness and harmony. After all, that’s what Affinity are all about.

The relationship between their clients and the advisers they partner with. Between people and planet. Between generations to come and the world they’ll inherit.

They work collaboratively to ensure your future is in safe hands, by taking care of your money and the planet at the same time; not just helping you grow your portfolio – but ensuring there’s a reason to look to the future with optimism.

We brought this to life by focussing on the joining of two elements within our core imagery and focusing on this with a frame drawn from the space created between the two Fs in their logo.