The elephant in the room

Killik & Co. wants to redefine what “wealth” means. It believes that wealth shouldn’t be measured by the size of your bank balance any more than the postcode you call home, and instead should be defined by what really matters: people’s lives, ambitions, families and legacies.

Powerful Connections

We targeted influencers who had young children. The aim of the campaign was to equip families with prompt cards to have frank conversations about wealth and everything that it means – but in a way that encourages intelligent, thoughtful and lively debates. The cards break taboos that surround subjects like legacy, home life, work, leisure and the people we love – opening tricky conversations that will help the people closest to us plan for the future with confidence. 

The influencers created imagery and a caption about how they approach talking about money and wealth with their families and they could be as creative as they want. They were also asked to tag Killik & Co. and use the #elephantintheroom hashtag linking back to the campaign landing page on the website.