By Teamspirit on Thursday, 14 December 2017

We walked the world for Cancer Research UK.

Well what a year it’s been. We’re proud and privileged to have been invited to participate in Cascaid 2017, fundraising for Cancer Research.

Our goal was to raise as much as possible and #WalktheWorld (and swim and fall and cycle).

Every step from the team was recorded through the year as we moved from financial capital to capital. As the year progress we went from Paris to Frankfurt to Singapore and Hong Kong and then the big push over the Pacific and on to New York and then home.

cascaid totaliser

We walked to work, we walked through the night, we cycled across the capital and up its 3 biggest hills (tired yet?). Then we pushed ourselves further and jumped out planes. Finally we jumped into 3 degree water (BRRR!) as our final challenge.

We can honestly say it’s been great fun and we’ve loved every minute of it! And we can now reveal we have walked over 67,000,00 steps and raised over £10,400!

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