Ways to make our lives a little bit better

By Teamspirit on Monday, 10 January 2022

January. The start of New Year resolutions and good intentions for many of us and the media was awash with tips to keep us on the straight and narrow for as long as possible. But the article we loved the most when we sat down at our desks on January 4th was one that appeared in The Guardian titled ‘100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying’.

Packed full of short suggestions to improve our day to day lives without having to commit to five days a week in the gym, drinking three litres of water a day or shelling out a fortune. In fact, it inspired us so much we decided to compile our own list of the things we can all do to make life that little bit better. There are some gems in here so stick with us (even if they are pretty random)...

1. Always carry Werther’s Originals in your bag/pocket. Everyone laughs but people always want one.

2. Skip more (as in joyfully skip down the road – not get the skipping rope out).

3. Greet people as if you were a very happy dog.

4. You’ll never regret going for a wee before you leave.

5. If the car in front of you is fancy. Move your drivers’ seat forward so you’re closer to it (we aren’t taking any responsibility for your safety while driving).

6. Schedule in a daily dance break. You will feel silly but it is quicker than going for a walk and gets your heart rate up. And we promise that you will be smiling at the end.

7. Always carry an umbrella.

8. Watch cartoons.

9. Turn off news notifications (not one for us in the PR team).

10. Read your emails in the bath.

11. If you see an ingredient you’ve never used before, buy it. Then go find a recipe for it.

12. If you see a coat in your favourite TV show and would like it. Buy it.

13. Always have shortbread with your tea.

14. Use interdental brushes like your dentist says.

15. Delete Facebook.

16. Ignore your emails for a few hours (people will phone you if they need you).

17. Always pack a snack.

18. Avoid screen overload with talk and walk meetings.

19. Have an overly sweary (if you're partial) and sarcastic conversion for 5 minutes a day.

20. Plan your outfit for the next day the night before.

21. Dish out the compliments. To anyone and everyone.

22. Visit a green space every day. It will make you feel better.

23. Take a trip to the seaside to remind yourself of being on the edge.

24. Rearrange the dishwasher if the stacking is stressing you out. BUT don’t say anything.

25. Carry a metal straw.

26. Even better, a silicon straw.

27. Buy a water spritzer to mist your houseplants. It will make them happy. Which will make you happy.

28. Use a teapot. It’s more convenient and always feels nicer.

29. Don’t drink your coffee on the commute. Drink it before or after.

30. Try and avoid the gym in locations where a lot of young people live. It will vastly improve your self-esteem.

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