TS the season for giving

By Teamspirit on Monday, 30 November 2020

As far as years go, 2020 hasn’t exactly been everything we might have hoped. But at least things are (touch wood) starting to look up – we’ve got exciting Teamspirit plans for the for the new year, and COVID-19 vaccinations have begun. It’s too soon to make any solid predictions yet, but it’s a hopeful sign that we may get back to some kind of normal in the foreseeable future. Not a bad Christmas gift, if you ask us.

That said, there are plenty of people in our communities who have been hit harder than others. It’s been a challenge for almost everyone, but this year we want to make sure we’re giving back to those who have been affected most by the impact of the global pandemic. That’s why Teamspirit is ending this year with two charity initiatives.

1. Teamspirit’s walking to Lapland

First of all, a brave team of would-be adventurers will be walking to Finland. Of course, since actual cross-border travel would be irresponsible (and in this case, involve a pretty chilly swim) we will be sticking to the streets of London for now. But we’ll still be racking up all 2020 miles between us.

Once we hit our target, Teamspirit will be donating £2020 to Age UK, who are working hard to help vulnerable and lonely people this festive season (and all year round). If you’d like to offer your support too, you can donate via our JustGiving page.

2. The 12 days of Givemas

Our own Teamspirit version of the advent calendar: we will each be committing to a small personal act of charity for the twelve (working) days of Christmas, starting December 1st. It could be a donation, crafting a care package, or simply drumming up some love for a charity on social media. Each day, we’ll be releasing a new suggestion and you folks at home can get involved too.

And remember, send in your snaps to be featured on our social pages to help encourage more people to help those in need this winter. Each suggestion will be as easy as mince pie, so join us if you can.

That’s all until tomorrow! We’ll be keeping you updated about our progress and what we’ve raised as we go on, so keep checking the Teamspirit socials and blog in the coming weeks!

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