Reclaiming the awesome in everyday

By Natalie Orringe on Sunday, 2 April 2017

When was the last time that you used the word ‘awesome’?

If it induces a cringe unless said cynically then for some that might be a sign that you’ve simply reached adulthood.

Yet, the word is a powerful reminder of something we all need in our lives – a sense of vastness prompted by an experience of something extraordinary that cannot be fully explained.

If this sounds too left field for us in the financial services sector, consider recent research from the University of Berkeley which identified that awe is fundamental to our evolution and development.

It has proven direct effect on our ability to work in collaboration and identify as part of larger social groups. Experiencing awe makes us more inclined to help someone in need, reducing sense of self-importance and prompts people to cooperate, share and sacrifice.

Awe also has a fundamental role in stimulating curiosity and direct impact on original thinking. Simply put, if you experience awe you are more likely to come up with new, abstract responses and, as a result, be more able to develop ways of tackling problems. These are skills vital to everyone passionate about innovation and finding ways of navigating today’s constantly transforming world.

With it suggested that in our lifetime we will spend nearly five years on social media, this is a timely reminder that the world beyond our screens is crucial to our wellbeing. And that while many innovations will be digital, their genesis may come from taking a moment to watching something that cannot be fully explained.

Let’s go and find the awesome in today!

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