My First Month at Teamspirit

New joiner Luke Hall shares what his first month has been like with the Teamspirit team, after he joined as a PR Account Executive at the end of November. From getting stuck in at an integrated agency, to all the social events.

By Luke Hall on Thursday, 22 December 2022

I joined Teamspirit on the 21st of November 2022 as an Account Executive, working within the PR team, and have now completed my first month as a fully-fledged teamspiriter. My first four weeks has absolutely flown by and I felt compelled to mention just a couple of the things that have made my transition into the company such a comfortable one.

To provide some context I am not only a newcomer to Teamspirit but am in fact new to both PR and the world of Financial Services more broadly. I finished University in July, gaining a degree in Politics and Economics from the Bournemouth University, whereafter I spent a few months at a fellow PR firm in Westminster which specialised in Political Communications before making the jump to Teamspirit.

During the application and interview stages the team made it very clear that training and development are key priorities at Teamspirit, something that really appealed to me as a relative newbie in this industry. On this front, the team have more than exceeded my expectations. Upon joining I was given the opportunity to meet people from teams across not just the agency but from the wider VCCP group itself. In my first two weeks I attended nineteen such meetings, listening and learning how each individual team operates, from digital and comms to PR and IT, and discovering how all these pieces fit together to deliver clients a true integrated approach.

At Teamspirit we take our status as a fully integrated agency seriously and these meetings really highlighted this fact. Team leaders spoke passionately throughout, not just about how their department operates day-to-day but telling stories of their career paths and sharing details on various campaigns they cherished running in the past. I have to say, out of the many things the team has done to make my introductory period so smooth, these meetings have definitely taken the cake as being the most impactful in terms of helping me understand not just how the company functions but in shedding light on the culture that underpins all the work we do.

Speaking of culture, the atmosphere that has been cultivated at Teamspirit is one of real comradery and is something that was evident right from my first day. This is no accident, rather it’s something we really pride ourselves on. The Social and Culture team work very hard to craft a range of excellent social events that are held on a weekly basis. These range from seasonal events, such as last week’s Christmas party held at Piano Works and company staples such as the book club to more niche workshops such as one held a fortnight ago on eco-friendly gift wrapping.

PR can be a chaotic industry to work in at the calmest of times, full of tight deadlines and packed schedules but despite this everyone on the team has found time to lend me a hand when needed, whether it be something simple like providing me a login to a database to something more time-intensive like teaching me how to issue a press release to the media. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable first month and at the risk of sounding too cliche, there really is an excellent team spirit at Teamspirit!

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