My Experience as a Teamspirit Intern

By Teamspirit on Wednesday, 29 August 2018

I recently completed an internship at Teamspirit. The experience itself was overwhelmingly positive, both on a professional and personal level. Although I wanted experience, I walked in never having imagined myself working in PR, but I have left with invaluable tools and a change of career ambitions. I have decided that PR is a career path I wish to go down, and for this I want to thank every team member for demonstrating how enriching, interesting, and dynamic this particular road can be.

I spent the majority of my internship with the PR team, apart from my two final days where I spent time in communications department. The overall atmosphere, which covers all sections of the company, is one of comradery. There is a close and banterous friendship amongst all members which initially could have been daunting to a newcomer. I quickly realised, however, that Teamspiriters are incredibly welcoming, helpful, and most importantly friendly. Within a couple hours I was eating lunch with some of the team in a nearby park, and I felt that I was already a part of the large friendship group they have created for themselves.

During my time in PR, I worked on a variety of tasks from helping with research projects to the occasional social media tasks. Beyond the work I was assigned, I was also able to learn the inner workings of a PR agency. On my first day, I wandered through the office, eyes wide with awe at the numerous phone calls taking place. I attended the morning newsroom meeting, which to my untrained eye appeared only to be a chaos of headlines being read aloud. I quickly realised that there is no chaos at all. Teamspirit is a hub of carefully orchestrated synergy. The work moves quickly, and every team member exhibits drive and determination to complete each task with energy and enthusiasm. This is not to say, however, that the fast paced environment is something to fear, but rather it is something to admire. Every day is different in FS PR and this is why I find it a fascinating and a thrilling career.

The social aspect of the workplace is something that Teamspirit takes seriously, and it has paid off. Teamspiriters will usually get together socially once a week, and for their Christmas party they fly to a European destination for teambuilding before a night out. I was lucky enough to have been able to attend some great events during my short time there, including a Meet the Changemakers event, leaving drinks and their annual team sports day. During the events, I witnessed the level of friendship there is amongst staff members and how much they enjoy each other’s company, which I believe is a truly unique and special aspect of Teamspirit.

During the two weeks of my internship, I found myself developing a new confidence. I have approached university work with the knowledge that the amount of effort you place into tasks will be directly proportional to the result achieved. While this may come across as obvious, I learned the extent of this during my internship. I have also picked up skills which I will value for life, such as being able to read through biased headlines and the importance of time management.

Thank you to everyone at Teamspirit for such an exhilarating and educational internship.

Written by Claudia Clifford

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