How can there be more plastic than fish in the sea?

By Joanna Bent on Thursday, 28 July 2022

How can there be more plastic than fish in the sea?

How can we let this manifest and continue to be?

Our planet is suffering through our greed and our need

To accumulate unnecessary stuff to satisfy our greed

For our planet to heal we have to say enough is enough

Recycling is vital and we must all be tough

To ensure the way we live and recycle is at the top of our list

We have done our little bit, updating recycling facilities and I must insist

That when eating and drinking please be mindful to ensure

You recycle responsibly and I therefore implore

That you wash and dry plastics, and if you have any doubt

About what can and cannot be recycled just give me a shout

We can no longer continue and allow there to be

More plastic than fish in our beautiful seas

Our planet needs to be protected so she can continue to be

The life force for all life, future generations, for you and for me.

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