Actions not Words Series: iClimaEarth

By Fiona Couper on Wednesday, 12 May 2021

In the run up to this year’s COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow in November, here we shine a spotlight on the leading companies, products and behaviours that support the call for the UK to develop a world-leading net zero financial system.

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iClima Earth is a London-based Impact Green FinTech that’s redefining climate change investments. Motivated by the concept that the best way to reduce CO2 equivalent (“CO2e”) in the atmosphere is by not emitting in the first place, they seek out the companies that can decarbonise the planet.

They have launched the world’s first decarbonisation ETF, that offers exposure to companies that offer products and services that enable CO2e avoidance solutions and quantify that impact. Their research data and methodology leads with the 'E', integrates the 'S' and 'G' as risks into their analysis, and is shared openly.

The ETF focuses on five sub-sectors including green energy, green transportation, water and waste improvements, decarbonisation enabling solutions and sustainable products.

Whilst their single-minded metric, in terms of gigaton of potential avoided CO2e emissions, ensures transparency and evidence that the investment market is often missing.

In their own words

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Why it’s important

Innovative products such as iClimaEarth’s Decarbonisation ETF are answering the demand from investors, regulators, and customers for the banking sector to reduce its exposure to climate risk. Its a product with impact, that can be fully measured.

It is companies such as iClimaEarth that will help the UK meet its commitment to being net zero by 2050 and answer the call by leading businesses (including Aviva, Legal & General, Fidelity International and Jupiter Asset Management) to use COP26 as an opportunity for the Government to develop a world-leading net zero financial system, iClimaEarth offers investors what they are seeking, with ESG related funds outperforming the market and a desire to avoid those accused of opaque screening and greenwashing.

In short, iClimaEarth is an investment vehicle for those who want to go further, not only avoiding climate risk, but actively supporting the innovators that that will reduce carbon being produced in the first place. Its baked in measurement ensures transparency and evidence. It’s the perfect example of purpose and profit in harmony.

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