Stand and deliver. The ESG Activists Podcast Series: Episode 6

By Teamspirit on Tuesday, 14 November 2023

Listen now to George Roffey, Chief Sustainability Officer, Centrus who welcomes the ESG shake down, and argues that with ESG now entangled in everything, we need to get to a place where sustainability is embedded and becomes the norm. Discussing the pros of recently becoming BCorp accredited, hear why the increasing focus on the ‘s’ for social impact is a natural progression onto common ground that everyone can relate to.

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More episodes from this series:

Episode 1: Ketan Patel, Fund Manager, EdenTree. Listen here.

Episode 2: Chris Gardner, Joint CEO, Atelier. Listen here.

Episode 3: Tom Matthews, Sustainable Investments Senior Manager, J O Hambro Capital Management. Listen here.

Episode 4: Alex Struc, Founder and CEO, GOALSFIRST. Listen here here.

Episode 5: Lily Billings, Head of Sustainability, Foresight Group. Listen here here.

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Stand and deliver. The ESG Activists Podcast Series: Episode 6

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