2023 Signals Report

By Teamspirit on Tuesday, 3 January 2023

In 2023 anything is possible. For financial services the core challenge will be finding the balance between purpose-led and cost-of-living supportive messaging.

Out now our 2023 Signals Report identifies ten areas that we believe will have the greatest impact on our clients’ businesses and their marketing needs.

We’re predicting that ESG Truth will out, with cut-through requiring a consistent narrative and evidence. Benevolent Brands and messaging will increase, with Patagonia-gate and the Consumer Duty legislation setting new standards in responsible business.(1) Culture First strategies have risen to the top of the agenda, as companies seek to win the talent war by creating a sense of belonging. New frontiers are explored in Borderless Mindset with companies increasingly seeking a ‘glocal’ solution for real traction. And while Web 3 might still feel nebulous, you’ll need a plan by year end.

The contrasting signals are focused on helping businesses and audiences to thrive, here and now. Accountable Marketing looks at creating meaningful full-funnel communications. Multi-channel distribution may now be expected, but Narrowcast will ensure laser focus on the most nudgeable audiences and increasing efficiencies. Media Rels 2.0 highlights the changing media expectations, based on insightful and meaningful content to get messages heard. Talking of which, Wired for Sound acknowledges the rise in audio-based communication and the power of the earworm to silence the maelstrom. And don’t underestimate the authenticity of Influencer Appeal, even in B2B.

May agile preparedness be your watch words, as you head in to 2023.



  1. https://www.fca.org.uk/firms/consumer-duty

If you’d like to discuss how any of the Signals in this report will impact your business, or would like a chat about how to secure your marketing ambition in 2023, please get in touch hello@teamspirit.co.uk

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