Will the true cost of GDPR be measured in time?

By Teamspirit on Monday, 29 January 2018

On May 25, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into force for businesses across Europe.

The new regulations are intended to give European citizens greater control over their personal data. And while the move is great news for individuals, brands may not be aware of the potential time-cost involved in answering queries.

A new study by Senzing, a California-based software company, found that on average companies will receive 89 GDPR enquiries a month and will have to search an average of 23 different databases for around 5 minutes each.

That quickly adds up, and the research found that companies will spend more than 172 hours a month searching for data. That equates to 8 hours per working day, or a single employee working full-time on GDPR queries.

For large businesses, that number rises to 1259 hours a month – or around 8 employees working full-time on GDPR queries.

It’s another element for brands to consider as they develop their GDPR implementation strategies.

We believe GDPR doesn’t have to be an obstacle. In fact, we see it as an opportunity for brands to foster greater trust and engagement with their customers. Find out how in our whitepaper, ‘Obstacle or opportunity: turning GDPR into a competitive advantage’.

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