Who scored at the Super Bowl?

By Teamspirit on Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Some people watch the Super Bowl for the football. Some people watch it for the half time show. Some people watch it for the adverts. We watch it for at least two out of those three - and we’ve picked some of our favourite ads from this year’s bumper crop.

After the political deluge of last year’s Super Bowl, this year’s selection of adverts mostly resembled a return to normality. There were some funny ones, some serious ones, some that didn’t make much sense, and some that didn’t have anything to do with the product they were supposed to be selling.

T-Mobile attempted to pull on heartstrings by using their screen time to show a parade of babies and a voiceover about equality. Budweiser actually pulled them by showing how their bottling plants are used to quickly distribute water to disaster victims, elevating the brand with a sense of purpose that goes beyond kicking back and relaxing.

Budweiser 2018 Super Bowl Commercial “Stand By You”

E-trade and Intuit created a couple of compelling spots that looked at consumer financial issues (retirement planning and industry jargon) in a light and very human way. At the other end of the spectrum, Ram played a Martin Luther King speech over their somber advert for a very large car.

ETRADE Super Bowl Commercial 2018 This Is Getting Old

For us – and, from the looks of its traction on Twitter, everyone else – the winner in this year’s ad competition was Tide. The detergent company used multiple different types of ad to show that, really, every ad is a Tide ad. Whoever you are, and whatever you do, you probably do a lot of laundry. So, whether you’re a sports star, a parent, or a model, you’re a Tide customer.

Tide Super Bowl LII 2018 Commercial It’s All The Tide Ads

By realising this insight, and building a tactical campaign around it, Tide cut through the noise of the Super Bowl’s ads, including those by their direct competitors. It’s a brilliant piece of strategy, and may well set the tone for how a lot of brands approach engaging with audiences, whether they’re targeting them on TV or across media platforms. Get ready for The Tide Effect.

Check out all of this year’s adverts here.

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