Two ways content will make your business more content

By Mark Hollander on Monday, 18 April 2022

I’m proud to say we create a lot of good content for our clients at Teampirit. It drives leads for sales forces, achieves broadcast coverage, changes brand perceptions and lifts sales. Winning effectiveness awards for clients as a bonus.

Content isn’t a perfect science, but there are a couple of really easy ways effectiveness can be lifted.

It’s my job to monitor the content providers are putting out in our FS world – and how they utilise it. I subscribe to emails, social channels, pay regular visits to sites and receive more than my fair share of content joy as a result. I see only too often that the core content ‘meat’ at the heart of the campaign isn’t utilised fully, effectively and smartly.

I’m not talking about linking people to exactly the same content again and again. Just less mono-focused and mono-channel usage. It boils down to stronger communications planning upfront. Content should be designed to create pieces that meet distinct marketing needs simultaneously: gated leads, exclusives for adviser networks, reputation-building CPD and internal engagement and visibility for the quality of work your department achieves. Simultaneously gaining greater impact for your core content theme - and more accountability for your marketing £.

The second is optimising the medium - and length - of content deliverables. There are still too many lengthy guides and PDFs out there. Tell me, when did you last make yourself comfy, brew yourself a cuppa and have the time (or inclination) to work through 16 pages of insight, however engaging? Research shows that, whatever the length of your PDF, individuals only have the time, patience and perseverance to complete three fifths of its length. Film, focused landing pages, podcasts and interactive content are far more likely to achieve engagement and effectiveness.

Anyway, please excuse me … I’ve set the rest of the day aside to wade through a PDF.