The New Adviser

How the TikTok generation are changing the rule book.

By Teamspirit on Thursday, 21 March 2024

The times they are a-changin’. According to findings in a recent Deloitte report, 25% of young people (18–24-year-olds) now turn to social media for financial advice. Seriously. At the same time, the FCA has revealed that the retail IFA market has shrunk by 7% since 2022.

Mmm. What to do?

This report is for those interested in, and responsible for, communicating about investments. In it we explore what’s going on in the advice marketplace, and the worrying phenomenon of the younger generations’ faith in often unregulated, socially-led financial advice.

Then we turn the tables, to look at some great examples of how to reach this audience well on social platforms, in particular TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Creating a hypothetical and deliberately cutting-edge persona of the new adviser, we go on to define the secret sauce of success, by defining the Top Ten Tactics for the New Adviser.

As a specialist financial services focused agency, we know that 75% of younger people recognise the value of securing financial advice, yet 35% aren’t quite sure where they should start looking for it. Advisers need to find new ways to ensure consumers get the help that they want, at a time that they need it and at a cost that is affordable. Before they are forced into it by regulation.

We take the responsibility of transforming the world of finance, including the adviser and investor, for the better.

Here’s our latest thinking on 'The New Adviser'.

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