Teamspirit’s Lockdown Academy opens its doors to clients (virtually)

By Mark Hollander on Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Our new Lockdown Academy is based on two truths. Firstly, that increased home working shouldn’t mean anyone’s personal development is cut short. And secondly that each of us in FS will need to learn new skills to grasp the opportunities the new era offers.

The Teamspirit Lockdown Academy offers clients low-cost training sessions and workshops, adapted for videoconferencing and delivered by Teamspirit's subject matter experts. Ensuring teams learn new skills and ways of thinking, keeping them connected - and engaged.

Individual modules span the full range of marketing skills areas and include your choice from:

  • An introduction to Strategic Planning (Richard Plocki)
  • How to write a creative brief (Richard Plocki)
  • Defining your brand values (Nicholine Hayward)
  • Market research in minutes (Nicholine Hayward)
  • Data Visualisation (Filipe Zuluaga)
  • Measuring what matters (David McCann)
  • The principles of project management (Sophie Klein)
  • Media management in a crisis (Rupert Bhatia)

The courses are expert, interactive and can be tailored to your specific challenges, team roles and seniority. And delivered via your preferred video-conferencing system – with handouts. One hour or two. Your choice. We’ll even support on IT.

For more details, discuss specific requirements and book a Lockdown Academy session, please contact Lisa Wilde to find out more.

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