Teamspirit Celebrates its Media Stars for April 2022

By Teamspirit on Tuesday, 3 May 2022

With the dust settled after what had been a manic few days in the run up and immediate aftermath of the Easter break, we wanted to celebrate the fantastic media work our PR team has delivered here at TS Towers this month. We are always proud of the work we do for clients, but sometimes we forget to celebrate the power of our newsroom, and the great work the team do at maintaining relationships with journalists, as well as creating newsworthy stories.

All eyes have been pinned on the successful launch of MetLife’s latest research. This looked at the cost of living and impact on people’s ability to maintain subscriptions – and alarmingly - do away with vital things like financial protection. With an expert handle on the key topics of interest in the wider news agenda, our MetLife team worked side-by-side with Helena Kelly at The Daily Mail and other nationals to unlock a seriously impressive spread of coverage across the board, totalling 40 pieces so far. A brilliant example of why keeping our finger on the pulse of newsbeats is beneficial for both day-to-day and bigger campaign work.

Fidelity International’s multi award-winning Women and Money campaign, now in its fourth year, celebrated a media milestone this month. Having postponed the original campaign launch due to the challenging geopolitical climate and importance of responding sensitively to the news agenda, the Fidelity team launched its global report with a research-led release on women’s financial independence – or lack thereof. The research immediately struck a chord with Vicky Shaw at PA Media, which quickly generated a wide range of national, regional, consumer and trade coverage – with pieces continuing to trickle in and feature as part of wider news articles on the financial position of women in today’s tougher climate. A further media highlight included the campaign’s key spokesperson being interviewed by the formidable Mariella Frostrup for Times Radio – resulting in a challenging and interesting debate for listeners far and wide. The team yet again built on the strength of the campaign media foundation, using our long-lasting journalist relationships and knowledge of the data to deliver another truly successful launch.

Even with the best media strategy and campaign planning, things can change last minute. Contending with holidays, sickness and client deadlines, our much-depleted Link team, led masterfully by our very own Olivia Nelson, and with the invaluable support of our wider PR team members, the latest UK Dividend Monitor landed brilliantly yet again. A key piece of insight journalists know to look out for each quarter, the team rose to the challenge with dexterous skill and a sense of calm. Coverage has so far been secured with The Financial Times, City AM, The Daily Telegraph, Mail Online, Daily Express, and Bloomberg – as well as among a whole host of core industry trade titles. The team’s adaptability in a fast-moving and changing situation and knowledge of the core media ensured the report landed – and landed well indeed!

Stay tuned for our next media insights, successes, and real wins here at Teamspirit!