Teamspirit at AWEurope 2019

By Teamspirit on Friday, 22 March 2019

The dust has begun to settle after another fascinating Advertising Week Europe and once again Teamspirit was excited and inspired by what’s happening in the industry. With nearly 750 speakers, it’s difficult to cover everything but here are some points that really stood out for us.

Video advertising was a real interest for us at AWEurope. With so many of our clients using video more and more, it’s become a key tool for us. Finding the balance between how data and creativity can work together was fiercely debated and it was fascinating to hear how Will Lowe, an experienced Creative Director, Thomas Byrne of Merkle and Gareth Holmes from Seenit passionately argued in support of both. By the end, a truce was declared: data is great. It can allow us to really pinpoint audiences and reach them. However data can only take you so far and, without adding an element of creative risk, campaigns are unlikely to thrive. So, while we have unprecedented access to data, we still need creative thinking to make our work a success.

One of the most widely anticipated debates was a gameshow hybrid hosted by comedian Jimmy Carr. This session covered a range of key areas related to digital advertising, including what makes a quality media buy, the importance of ad viewability and placement, upcoming industry initiatives and how quality media drives better results. We weren’t surprised to find out the most regulated industry in the UK is banking – something we’re very familiar with.


Obviously Brexit was a frequently referenced theme throughout the week and one of our favourite talks saw travel experts Simon Calder and Cathy Adams discuss the importance of travel content to news brands, the effects Brexit will have on travel and hot destinations of 2019. While Brexit doesn’t look like it’s going to offer us much in terms of positive travel experience, the good news is it’s now the safest time to be a traveller than ever before.


Finally, a talk that really gave us pause for thought: “The Future Has Purpose: What Social Good Means For Brand Success”. It looked at how brand and agency leaders must find their purpose in order to inspire their workforce and collectively work towards something bigger than consumerism. It touched on how purpose shouldn’t ever be seen as a veneer or a convenient CSR add-on – it needs to come from the inside-out and should be delivered straight from the mouth of the CEO, not just the marketing department. And if you’re searching for a cause to align yourself to, it should be a true fit aligned with your purpose, rather than something derived from self-interest. Companies need to consider themselves like we do individuals, and recognise all actions have an impact. Every decision is an opportunity to act on your values, and reflect your purpose. It is the responsibility of agencies and clients to hold one another accountable for driving real improvement within the areas they work.

So lots for us to consider as we head into the new quarter, and we look forward to seeing how it all works out.