Second Time around with Teamspirit

By Rachel Boateng on Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Interning at Teamspirit is always a joy, so much so that I came back a second time round! Outside of their outstanding work delivered to clients, internally the culture is amazing. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming and as a new hire that’s all you can ask for. Ts has given me so much exposure to the finance industry, I’ve picked up knowledge and skills that aren’t easily attainable through the internet alone.

This time around I had the chance of picking the brains of more people, it was particularly insightful to hear from those in senior positions because I got real feel for what the industry is really like and how it has evolved. It has been truly refreshing to do something outside of the school curriculum. I have been able to both use and pick up skills and apply them to the variety of tasks that I was involved in.

This time around I definitely experienced PR in a different light, I was challenged in different ways and experienced both highs and lows. Meeting and liaising with different clients, setting up meetings, typing up press releases, it’s all been extremely insightful.

Working in Financial services can come across as quite monotonous but I haven’t had a dull moment, working on projects like the ‘Women and Money’ campaign for Fidelity International or researching influencers for certain campaigns has kept my head deep in work. Having the chance to mesh personal ideas and creativity with real life financial issues is a niche that not many companies can balance, but it makes everything all the more challenging and all the more fun. It can be slightly disheartening when it feels like your hard work has been in vain, but working at Teamspirit everyone’s success is celebrated by their effort not just the outcome.

Teamspirit couldn’t be a more fitting name for the company, everyone moves as one. Communication is at its top level both internally and with clients, different teams often work collaboratively on clients, and no one does a social better than Teamspirit! My time has been short and sweet, but everyone was so positive, welcoming and willing to help, it’s always a great time at TS.