Road to Nowhere

By Teamspirit on Thursday, 29 August 2019

Think customers understand your website? Think again.

Our research shows there's a gulf in understanding between mortgage providers and consumers when it comes to researching and buying mortgages online.

Download your free copy and discover:

  • Why only 42% of customers successfully complete a mortgage product search.
  • The key pain points customers find when looking for the right mortgage.
  • How to use clear language and remove ambiguous terminology to improve customer experience.
  • Tips on how to display product comparisons that help customers make informed decisions.
  • How to tackle website navigation across devices.
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    Regulators and consumers alike say that buying financial services must be made simpler and easier to understand.

    Our latest web usability research gives invaluable insight into just how big the gap is between what providers say and what customers understand – and provides important lessons on how to improve user experience.

    The report covers the 5 leading mutual mortgage providers and uses findings from 40 consumers. Combined with our extensive experience in this area, it makes for compelling reading.

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