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By Teamspirit on Monday, 27 June 2022

We’ve recently announced the launch of this year’s For The Better Award in partnership with The Finance Innovation Lab, now entering its fourth successful year.

Now open for applications in 2022, the For The Better award gives £15,000 of communications support and expertise to an organisation that’s helping to change the world of finance for the better, and our focus this year is to represent an organisation with purpose-driven finance at the heart of their business model.

Last year, we worked with the Credit Unions of Wales to support the launch of the ethical workplace payroll scheme Moneyworks Wales, enabling Welsh employees to save and borrow easily via their pay packet and build their financial wellbeing. Specifically, they wanted to create buzz around the scheme as a key staff benefit, drive uptake amongst existing partners and attract more Payroll Champions (now known as Moneyworks Mentors) to be internal advocates within their partner companies.

As part of our work with Credit Unions of Wales, we developed communications and social strategies, an employee toolkit, and supported the PR around launch – all were incredibly comprehensive with some great results. We caught up with the team who worked on the project to hear about what it was like working on last year’s For The Better campaign.

Our planning and social strategy team had conducted some extensive research on the credit union and workplace savings market, audiences and the MoneyWorks brand to develop a targeted communications strategy. They came up with a narrative – “making Money Work for everyone in Wales” – which highlighted their positioning as a truly ethical payroll scheme that not only works for Welsh businesses and employees by supporting financial wellbeing, confidence and productivity, but for communities, by helping money keep circulating locally and supporting the Welsh economy.

From there, we developed a content plan featuring social post copy options and assets for Moneyworks’ social channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter and the launch of their brand new Instagram account.

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Then came our PR team. Through their extensive knowledge of the market and connections in the industry, our PR team was able to raise awareness of the launch of Moneyworks. Through the press release, to conversations with journalists, the PR team were successful in supporting the launch, had good feedback from the likes of BBC, and sold in a variety of pieces to local journalists.

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Finally, our account management and creative teams worked together on creating a toolkit for the Moneyworks mentors (volunteer employees of the organisations that were being targeted) – this acted as an introductory brochure to Moneyworks Wales; what it is, how they could benefit from it, and how to spread the word in their organisations. Our most interesting challenge was to create two versions of the toolkit, in both English and Welsh, but the creative team thrived on an already brilliant brand guidelines document to produce colourful and eye-catching brochures in two languages.

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Overall, our work with the Credit unions of Wales was an insightful experience, and we hope to have made a positive impact on the organisation and their launch of Moneyworks. The team and wider Teamspiriters are looking forward to welcoming new applicants for this year’s award!