Narrowcast Webinar

Listen to our webinar on Narrowcast, part of our 2023 Signals Series, where we look at key trends that are impacting communications in the year ahead.

By Fiona Couper on Monday, 27 March 2023

In this session we look at the increasing deployment of Narrowcast as smart solution to delivering maximum impact at a time when marketers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate value.

Chaired by our CEO Kirsty Maxey, our two resident experts – Jim Poulter, Client Services Director and Ursula Delaney, PR Director – discuss what Narrowcast is, when it’s useful, share examples of those doing it well and outline the different metrics to be considered.

30 minutes of perspective and pragmatic advice on how to use Narrowcast to best effect.

Listen here

As a precis, Jim views Narrowcast as ability to concentrate or focus marketing effort and budget on a small and discrete subsect of the overall target audience. The key is to identify the right audience, then select channels, media and crucially content that all really lean into that audience – so that it’s impossible for them to miss your brand or offer. He flags how much this is digitally enabled – and how the rise of the micro-influencer proves this is relatively easy way to reach a very targeted audience.

Narrowcast is perhaps more controversial for PR, as Ursula explains how many view PR as an inherently “broadcast” approach, designed to build brand fame at the top of the funnel. She talks about how PR programmes always have always tailored outputs, messaging and distribution to hit specific target segments. But Narrowcast, as a hyper focused approach to PR, is now taking centre stage, fuelled not just by changing habits of the target audience, but increasingly granular and insightful data on impact.

Listen now to hear more insight and examples on those putting Narrowcast into practice. And to understand why Narrowcast is here to stay.

With thanks to our speakers:

  • Jim Poulter, Client Services Director, has been working with financial service brands for over 20 years, and is particularly experienced in running branding, communication campaigns both above and below the line. He is also one of our lead generation specialists.
  • Ursula Delaney, PR Director has worked in financial services PR for over 15 years to help clients to transform their reputations and create distinct narratives, which increasingly sees an alignment between PR and social campaigning.

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