Money magic from Monzo

By Teamspirit on Tuesday, 12 June 2018

We’re entering into a world where anything is possible with technology. It might be a little bit scary, it might get your knees a-knocking, but you can’t deny it’s highly convenient.

One of the latest ideas around financial convenience (and fun) is the partnership between Monzo and IFTTT.

By joining forces, these two have given us a way to sort out our money our way. Using something called Applets, we can now create little ‘rules’ around our cash, connecting Monzo to other services we know and love.

Example: imagine if every time you go to the gym you’re ‘rewarded’ for going and £10 gets shifted from your current account to your savings account. Or whenever you ask Google Assistant to ‘Save £5’ … it will! That sounds pretty cool to us.

Whatever it is you’re after, Monzo has assured it’s “super easy” to set up a custom Applet and it only takes a few seconds to get going. Which is great for those of us who are tight on time. And if you’re not too sure how to get started, you can always choose from one of the pre-made Applets they’ve got going. Easy.

This quirky little concept is just the beginning, as Monzo are asking for feedback and for others to send in their Applet creations. Whatever happens in the future, it’s nice to see companies helping people personalise their personal finances. Try saying that ten times fast.

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