Love Finance: divorce, fintech and genetics

By Teamspirit on Thursday, 19 February 2015

What makes us love finance so much this week? Well, we love that divorce for retirees may be easier, that genetics will lead to better protection deals, and that people outside FS are paying attention to fintech.
Pension reforms helping divorcees keep their family homes

When the at-retirement reforms appear in April, couples who are planning to divorce will no longer need to worry as much about the financial complexity of the process, thanks to new options for sharing assets.

Property and pension assets will become sharable via a variety of options offered by the reform, which should hopefully aid couples who are worried about having to invest in a new mortgage post-divorce as retirees. The reform also covers how pension imbalances between the couple are dealt with during the divorce.

We love that those considering divorce at their age of retirement will be able to use the new options available to them to ensure that their retirement remains stable. Those drawing up divorce settlements are already incorporating the changes into their work, so those seeking a divorce can now do so with more confidence.
Genetic testing and the protection industry

The NHS' work in the field of genetic testing may well have an effect on protection products and services.

The impact genetic testing and research will have on protection stems from underwriters having access to the genetic data of clients, allowing them far greater insight into someone's biology than ever before. Underwriting someone based on their genetic profile could fundamentally change the way in which policies are adjusted in accordance with a client's changes in lifestyle.

We love that clients are going to be offered protection that is far more bespoke than ever before, and could in fact help alert them to health issues that a lifestyle change could fix.
Fintech and the social good

The Guardian recently took a look at fintech and explained how its progression can work for the social good.

Going into considerable detail while making the topic accessible the piece talks about concerns the community has, as the questions were submitted by the readership. Discussing everything from fintech's impact on traditional banking to social media, it's an extremely comprehensive look into why fintech is a topic that should be discussed outside financial services as well as within it.

We love that the fintech conversation is becoming a wider one. While financial services has a given focus on the topic, it's a positive to see people working outside the sector taking an interest on the way in which everyday lives and tasks will be affected by advancements in financial technology.
Forbes lists the 15 fintech startups to watch in 2015

Fintech is a rapidly growing area of technological development, and Forbes has listed fifteen companies that are likely to have a major impact on the field this year.

From BillGuard's tech that protects users from hidden fees, to Stripe's major coup in becoming an Apple Pay partner, this is a strong list of clear thought leaders in fintech. While it won't account for every innovative company working in the field, it's an interesting primer, and a good look into where the field is going.

We love that fintech companies are continuing to push the boundaries of what can be done. Epiphyte, for example, seeks to offer banks the ability to legally deal with crypto-currency, in an effort to unite two types of economical processes that seem very divergent at first glance. It'll be interesting to see what these fifteen companies manage to accomplish in 2015.

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