LinkedIn widens its thinking

By Sarah Lewis on Sunday, 9 June 2024

As pressure from existing and emerging social networks intensifies, LinkedIn launches two new initiatives of its own.

LinkedIn is now testing a new, dedicated video feed in its app which displays TikTok-style, full-screen vertical videos. Given that 80% of engagement with content on LinkedIn occurs via mobile - and video content on the platform sees five times more engagement - this is clearly a considered move.

Despite being met with criticism from users concerned with LinkedIn’s copycat tactics, the platform is playing to the popularity of short-form video, which it no doubt deems worth capitalising on.

This new functionality offers brands the opportunity to test the impact of authentic, mobile-friendly videos to revamp content, whether for reframing industry updates, education, entertainment, or to strengthen their employer brand.

“Suggested” posts

In a second move, you may have started noticing the “Suggested” header above some posts in your LinkedIn feed. These are ‘suggestions’ from outside of your network that LinkedIn deems valuable and relevant.

As you know, social media algorithms rely heavily on signals/the patterns of posts you receive to show you the types of content you’re likely to find most interesting, but LinkedIn is now taking things a step further by considering additional signals.

These include: content that discusses professional growth, development and education, being inspired at work, professional products or services, and education on professional topics. LinkedIn states that relevancy will also take into account the member’s past interactions, profile information, and how likely he or she is to engage with the content.

While there’s no guarantee that new style of posts will reach new, relevant audiences, we should be mindful now of whether there’s the opportunity for brands to leverage topics that align with the above business-related signals to increase reach and impact.