LGBT Leaders Conference

By Teamspirit on Sunday, 29 October 2017

On Saturday 21st October, two of our creative team, Tim Glister and James Maxwell, were panellists at the fourth LGBT Leaders conference in Canary Wharf.

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The conference is the largest undergraduate conference of LGBTQ students in the UK, and involves panels and workshops on different career paths and LGBTQ activism issues. Sandy Downs, an account executive in our PR team, is one of the founders, and this year Chime were gold sponsors of the event.

Tim and James ran a PR & Marketing workshop for over 50 attendees, leading a conversation about entry points into the industry and the efforts that Teamspirit and Chime are making in the field of diversity and inclusion. The duo also took part in a panel discussion about coming out at work, the role of ethics and activism, and how the changing landscape of the media is impacting public perceptions of social justice.

More widely, the conference tackled some of the biggest inclusion issues in business and politics. Munroe Bergdorf, the trans model fired by L’Oréal for her anti-racism comments, was a keynote speaker in conversation with Josh Rivers, the editor of Gay Times Magazine. Other speakers included Nia Griffith MP, Baroness Liz Barker, and Pink News CEO Benjamin Cohen.

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Written by Sandy Downs, Teamspirit

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