Let’s liven things up – Boring Money Meet the Change-Makers

By Teamspirit on Tuesday, 5 June 2018

“I hope you’re not just here for the sandwiches!” Carmel Dickinson laughs as she introduces the session to an eager crowd. Absolutely not. That’s because this month’s Meet the Change-Makers is none other than Boring Money. The complete opposite of their name, Boring Money is on a mission to liven things up and help regular folks make smart investment choices. No PHDs needed here then!

That doesn’t mean their approach isn’t smart – it is. And that’s what Carmel and her colleague Kate Fitzpatrick took us though on Tuesday. They explained that advisers and the wider industry have a habit of talking about costs, assets and other elements of personal finance and investments – but people don’t understand. At least not straight away.

That’s why they’re ditching the dastardly jargon and sprinkling in some humour. Heck, while flicking through their presentation, giant words proclaiming ‘My Dad’s got a big will’ filled the screen. Nice. And it works!

But it’s not just clever copy that’s helping the nation get to grips with investing. It’s also the introduction of Tribes. Nine of them so far to be precise. See, what Boring Money does is conduct nationally representative research, gather qualitative and quantitative data, survey, interview – you name it. Then they craft a Tribe based on their findings. That could be Distressed Divorcees, Wary Women or Rebellious Renters to name a few.

These profiles are used to study behaviours, lifestyles and fears. Then they’re used to target materials to each audience. Companies can also arrange to gain access to this information by getting in touch with their team.

It’s this understanding of audiences and really examining the landscape out there that’s going to help us make changes in this industry and reach the right people at the right time. We’re huge fans of this approach and believe it adds great depth to our work.

So keep up the great work Boring Money – we’re excited to see what else you can achieve by standing out and standing up for those of us who’d like to see finances simplified.

See their fantastic blog and more here.

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