Jargon or sparkling lucidity?

By Jim Poultry on Wednesday, 11 May 2022

For nearly as long as I’ve been working in marketing, Financial Services has been renowned for jargon and complexity. Often caused by the dead hand of regulation, but also because product developers are somewhat removed from the end user.

Yet here is an example where perhaps the most mass market of products – fast food - is consciously mimicing the language and vernacular of that mainstay of pensions and Stock and Shares ISAs - the wrap platform.

To be honest I haven’t been in a KFC for years – and know nothing of the Twister Wrap, but the phrase ‘Visit KFC to discuss switching wrap provider’ on a tube card on the Northern did catch my eye.

Does the target audience (London commuters) ‘get’ the joke? Or is this simply the whim of the creative team? The videos talk about upgrades and value, using the style of mortgage or utility switching, but the OOH talks about Wraps.

Finger lickin’ good or tastless junk? You decide.


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