Is Apple ditching its flagship iPhone?

By Teamspirit on Thursday, 25 August 2016

Amid all the usual rumours circulating about the new iPhone that’s due to launch in a few weeks – it’s waterproof! It doesn’t have a headphone port! It’s blue! – a new, and potentially troubling one has surfaced. It seems that Apple is ditching its new flagship “Pro” phone at the last minute.

Consumers, Apple shareholders, tech watchers, and general investors are all expecting a big step up in design and features from the iPhone this year, so why is Apple abandoning its so-called ‘no compromise’ handset?

The reason, if the usually reliable source of this particular rumour, Mac Otakara, is to be believed, might actually be quite heartening for Apple fans and shareholders.

According to Mac Otakara, the “Pro” phone was originally intended to showcase a new dual lens camera, which Apple feared they wouldn’t be able to manufacture in large enough quantities to include in the iPhone 7 Plus.

But, it seems that Apple has overcome its manufacturing issues and will now be able to include the dual lens camera in all Plus models, meaning Apple can now compete with LG and Huawei, who have already released next generation cameras in 2016, without having to release a whole new phone.

It seems that our current high spec tech bubble is in no danger of bursting just yet. That is, if you believe the rumours…

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