Inspiring Women in Digital

By Masuma Rahman on Tuesday, 13 September 2016

At Teamspirit, we are proud of the fact that 40% of our digital team are women. But we know there’s a long way to go. Interestingly, back in 1985, 35% of Computer Science students were female, but by 2015 this dropped to just 17%. As a Computer Science graduate myself, it has always been a prominent issue, as my course had very few women involved, both studying and teaching. I expected that the field would become more balanced over the decades, with women rising in the world of technology and business, but Computer Science is still dominated by men.

Research shows that only one quarter of the digital sector are female, and it is predicted that the number of women in digital will fall further in 2016. The lack of gender diversity in digital roles is both a social and economic issue. According to this study, the gender bias costs the economy around £2.6 billion a year, and isn’t expected to rise dramatically over the next few years. This is despite the fact that Britain will need up to 1.2 million new digital workers to replace workers leaving the sector and support the expected growth!

In my view, as digital focuses more on empowering the customer, the digital experience becomes even more important, especially when it comes to making important financial decisions. So, we need to ensure that that experience also empowers women to take more control over their finances - an area where they are also lagging behind men when it comes to saving for their future.

Find out more about my views on #WomenInDigital and how I started my career in this video.

In part 2 of the mini-series you can hear more about my thoughts on boosting the representation of women in the digital industry and what the government can do to help.

Find out more about my thoughts on gender inequality and my advice for students interested in launching a career in the digital industry, in the final part of the Women In Digital mini-series.

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