In FS? Want an Xmas ad like John Lewis? It CAN happen!

By James Maxwell on Friday, 6 November 2015

So this morning the new John Lewis ad by Adam & Eve DDB went up. Second only in anticipation to Christmas morning itself.

Year after year they do it. Tug at heart strings, make us well up and feel all sentimental / homesick / warm and fuzzy / nauseated.

You have got to hand it to the partnership of the brand and agency. They’ve got their formula down pat. Slowed down popular song. Tick. Sweet faced kids. Tick. Uber English looking suburb. Tick. Old person/animal/creature. Tick.

And whatever you think of the formula, you’ve got to admit it works.

Damn it works. I well up at pretty much anything. But this year is good (in my opinion). And the link with the lonely elderly is admirable and perfect.

SO, what’s my Christmas beef? Well here it is…

FS brands can totally get this sort of storytelling right

Sell insurance solutions? You have touching stories aplenty. Investing and saving? It’s about how it helps uplift people’s lives and makes things more comfortable, more stable. There’s lots of stories there. Ok. Bank accounts. Granted. Not exactly tear jerking. But a safe place for your hard earned money that you spent long nights earning has a pretty good angle. The products and services financial service brands offer are fundamental to all our lives…they touch us in so many ways, so why not at Christmas?

Here at Teamspirit we’ve been fans of storytelling for as long as I’ve been around. And our mantra is “Make the complex compelling”. So we are geared up for this sort of work for clients and have been doing it successfully for our clients (many of whom admirably are on board) and we know it works.

So why can’t we be waiting in anticipation for the banking Christmas ad? Or the next asset management Christmas ad? Or the annual PayPal yuletide TV event? I hear your eyebrows raising… but it could happen. 10 years ago nobody would have thought a department store would be the annual pre-Christmas event. And frankly I’m ready and rearing to go to make it happen for you. We all are.

I’ve already got a slowed down track ready to be sung by some young ingénue. What is it? Well come chat to us and I’ll reveal all.

In the meantime, keep an eye on sales of telescopes. I’m betting they do pretty well this Christmas.

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