Eye scanning protects IDs

By Teamspirit on Friday, 20 January 2017

Turkish bank Yapı Kredi is introducing eye scanning as a form of authentication for app logins in what it claims is a first within Europe.

By scanning the eye blood vessels of the user, the bank claims this method will provide a more secure, fast and easy means of access to accounts.

This form of biometric authentication is certainly gaining ground within the financial services space, with Canadian Tangerine Bank already having adopted it in their mobile app and Wells Fargo incorporating EyeVerify eyeprint tech for corporate customers last year.

It seems the technology will only become more common in 2017, with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 already including an infrared LED and dedicated iris camera, and Apple’s iPhone 8 set to be released this year also rumoured to replace the traditional home button with iris scanning technology.

When it comes to safeguarding accounts from fraud, banks are of course keen to allay customer concerns – and although using unique eye patterns for verification will offer greater protection for now, you could argue it is only a matter of time before identity thieves find ways to duplicate biometric data…

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