DrnkPay curbs drunken overspending

By Teamspirit on Monday, 15 May 2017

Mobile app DrnkPay, produced by financial services consultancy iBE TSE, connects your debit and credit cards to a breathalyser or wearable biosensor to analyse alcohol intake and limit certain purchases if you’ve had a bit too much.

The idea is that before heading out, you might select the number of drinks you plan to have and the types of payment which might need blocking - such as pubs, takeaways or online shopping.

These restrictions will be active for 12 hours, during which period every purchase of this kind will require verification via a Bluetooth connected breathalyser or FitBit-style biosensor bracelet. If this determines that you have gone over your drink quota set in advance, your card will be blocked.

More than simply an interesting talking point over a pint, the app can also ensure drinkers get home safely – the ‘Help me out’ feature allows you to order an emergency Uber home should your cards be blocked.

The technology will be available within the year, and accessible free of charge in an effort to help customers keep drunken impulse spending under control.

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