Direct Line is still lighting the way

By Teamspirit on Sunday, 24 September 2017

Following on from the launch of Direct Line’s Fleetlights drones in 2016, the insurance company has now partnered with Caister Lifeboat Service in Norfolk, providing a fleet of waterproof drones to help the service with their search and rescue operations.

The Fleetlights technology was developed with Saatchi & Saatchi – who won a silver and bronze Cannes Lions for the launch campaign – and were originally billed as a way to increase safety for solo travellers by bringing mobile street lights to the darkest parts of the UK.

The drones being used by Caister Lifeboat Service – the UK’s only independent lifeboat service – are equipped with high powered lights and HD cameras, and use “mesh technology”, which lets them perform semi-autonomous flights to help lifeboat crews spot people stranded as sea.

We think this is a really interesting evolution for the project, and nimbly demonstrates two growing trends in the FS/tech sectors. First, we’re seeing increasing numbers of private companies looking for way to provide a greater range of services to the public – and reap the resulting brand halo. Second, FS brands in particular are continuing to embrace new technology in interesting and innovative ways.

We can’t wait to see where Direct Line’s Fleetlights pop up next.

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