Data privacy

By Teamspirit on Friday, 13 March 2015

Previously, we’ve covered the issue of data privacy and how important it is in financial services. But with the number of dox incidents (where someone's personal information is posted online) increasing, Twitter is taking steps to combat the issue.

The downside to Twitter, if it has one, is that it’s completely uncontrollable. What this means, generally, is that discussions can often soon go viral, and they’re impossible to completely stop. Crisis management consulting for social media can really help companies deal with any negative scenarios that arise from this.

However, Twitter can become dangerous when someone’s personal details are tweeted for everyone to see, reporting it can become difficult. Twitter’s tools to report personal details, be it an address of an intermediary or the phone number of a bank’s security desk, were pretty shoddy until recently.

Twitter knows this - they’ve publicly admitted that they haven’t stepped up to the plate enough when it comes to dealing with serious online harassment. So, recently,they’ve added a dox reporting system , and expanded their reporting options to include a variety of different types of unpleasant or dangerous behaviour.

Social media sites need to feel safe to use, or they’re basically useless. Any company can only benefit from a popular, well-built platform, so it’s reassuring to see them taking steps to ensure that their service remains a viable option, whether you’re a bank, an IFA, a student or a journalist.

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