Can you hear me?

By Teamspirit on Monday, 15 January 2018

Over 15 million Echo devices are now in our homes and offices, and Amazon is projected to ship 244 million by 2022. Unsurprisingly, people are calling Alexa, the AI assistant that powers Echo, the most disruptive technology since the iPhone. It’s also issuing in a new golden age of audio.

The likes of Capital One, Kayak, and Domino’s Pizza have already developed Skills for Alexa, giving them an interactive and intuitive way to engage with their customers wherever they are and whenever the customer wants.

Smart Brief has gathered up the 10 top audio marketing trends for 2018, including Alexa Skills, and we think they’re well worth a read. From audio-powered NFC to customer engagement via playlists, the world of sound offers an increasingly impressive range of ways to connect with people in all sorts of different environments.

We’re particularly interested in how 3D Audio can be used to create moments that are personal, immersive, and mobile - and that might be a bit more budget and time-friendly than full blown virtual reality experiences.

Take a look at Smart Brief’s top trends, and start thinking about what audio could do for you this year.

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