Are we feeling better off?

By Teamspirit on Thursday, 30 April 2015

Teamspirit Share launches with research into social media sentiment around money and the cost of living.

So as it turns out, the UK social media population are actually feeling better off financially, than they did a year ago.

Analysis conducted with the newly launched Teamspirit Share, the new social media arm of Teamspirit Group, and Brandwatch, the social intelligence company, show the results of monitored conversations across multiple social media channels, forums, message boards and comment platforms.

The analysis tracked, over five months, the volume of negative user conversation about financial issues such as the cost of living and affordability in the UK.

James Sanderson, Managing Director of Teamspirit Share says: “Official economic indicators often tell one story while consumer polls tend to tell another. But analysing mainstream conversation across social media gives us the ability to gauge real sentiment towards money. Our findings show that the public really is feeling the benefit of an improving economy and is more positive year-on-year about their finances and affordability.”

The findings show that in the five months to April 2014 compared to the same period this year there has been a 41% fall in social media conversation about people struggling financially .

This fall in social media ‘buzz’ coincides with recent positive economic indicators such as annual GDP growth of 2.7% (Q4 2014 GDP estimate, ONS), falling inflation thanks to lower energy and oil prices, and rising real terms wages.

So what are the main takeaways?

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Peak pressures

It perhaps comes as no surprise that both in 2014 and 2015 conversation about financial pressure peaked on January 3rd just after the Christmas and New Year festivities had well and truly ended. Perhaps more surprisingly, however, the next peak of negative conversation about the cost of living happened the week after Valentine’s Day in both years.

Women found to be more vocal

When it comes to who goes online to talk about money, it is women who are more vocal regarding the cost of living and are responsible for nearly two thirds (63%) of posts. This could in part reflect women tending to be more financially responsible at home according to research by Reuters.

Teamspirit Share

“Social media is now a fundamental part of the marketing mix that creates opportunity for powerful interaction and engagement with target audiences. This is why we’ve launched Teamspirit Share as part of Teamspirit Group so our clients can benefit from truly channel neutral communications that deliver lasting connected return.” Jo Parker, CEO Teamspirit Group.

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