An evening at the House of Lords with Octopus

By Teamspirit on Wednesday, 4 April 2018

It’s a rare event to leave the office on a Tuesday evening and find yourself 20 minutes later walking into the House of Lords. But that is exactly what happened on the 27th March, when our client Octopus invited us to attend the launch of the 3rd edition of their 2018 HGSB (High Growth Small Business) Report.

The detailed report uses national and regional data to delve deeper into the effect that these High Growth Small Businesses have on the UK economy – such businesses make up only 1% of total businesses in the UK, yet account for some 20% of employment growth and are £10,000 more productive per worker than the average business. The location of this launch reception was no coincidence – Octopus are lobbying at a parliamentary level to raise awareness of HGSBs and the potential impact that further investment in them could have on the UK economy, especially at a regional level.

A key feature of this year’s report was the snapshot leaflet personalised for each MP – it contained a breakdown of the number of HGSBs in their constituency, how many people they employ and the value in £s they’ve added to the local area. A clever use of data to help MPs create an environment for these HGSBs to thrive.

Teamspirit designed the report and were happy to be a part of what was a successful evening on the banks of the Thames. Several MPs were in attendance to show their support, including Damien Green (Ashford) and Greg Hands (Chelsea & Fulham).

Octopus are one of the most active investors in HGSBs in the UK, and know the economic and social difference these businesses make wherever they are found. We hope people continue to get behind the report and those businesses that help increase prosperity for everyone in the UK.

To find out more visit the web page here.

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