The Teamspiriters Podcast

Covering culture, connections,

and stuff we really care about.

Our podcast has been created so our team can share thoughts and expertise on anything from financial services to fun pastimes.

Tim Glister, Creative Director

Hear how Tim Glister balances the busy work of an agency with the challenge of writing an award-winning novel.

Teamspirit New Starters

What’s it like as a new starter at Teamspirit? What were the first impressions?

James Maxwell, Executive Creative Director

Talking about craft and creativity and how the environment around you can have an effect.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Hear messages of affirmation and positivity from the team as we #EmbraceEquity.

Mark Hollander, Specialist Content Director

A born storyteller, Mark tells the fascinating story of his father's life through four objects.


Sophie Mullen, Creative Copywriter

While working in a rambunctious industry, Sophie chooses to forgo the usual Friday drinks. In fact, any drinks at all. Hear her open and honest account of life without alcohol.

Dan Perry, Strategy Director

Connecting with audiences and challenging briefs? Dan talks to us about how not taking things too seriously can enhance communications for everyone.

Robyn, Associate Creative Director

Robyn, our Associate Creative Director, outlines her thoughts on the benefits of curiosity and how it’s helped to enhance each day.

The Voice of a Brand

Hear from voice artist, Alexia Kombou, as she talks about a career in voice work and just what it’s like to be the voice of a brand.

Ellie Pocock, Associate Director

Ellie talks to us about the world of racket restringing, as well as her experiences at Wimbledon and the Australian Open.

Sofia Cerchiai, Senior Account Executive

How can marketers use memes to connect with their audience? Sofia talks us through her views.

Richard Germain, Creative Director

When the mind wanders, go for a wander! Richard explains how finding hidden treasures in your local area can help you find creative treasures deep within your subconscious.