Commitment to ESG

We commit through our creativity, relationships and our work to use communications to create social cohesion, encourage kind and responsible actions for ourselves and our planet and share our skills to deliver social good.

Internally, we are focused on three core areas within the business:

  1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  2. The Wellbeing of our Colleagues
  3. Climate Action

Externally, we also are committed to using our talent and skills to address critical global issues and will work with clients as well as with others in the industry to help make change for the better. This includes the increased focus on sustainability for our Board and we are proud of the work our international sustainability consultancy, Corporate Citizenship, undertakes with businesses all over the world.

We also encourage and promote our team to use their services and talent as a force for good, which includes pro and low bono work, and is demonstrated through our “for the better awards” which we run every year.

We also promote and facilitate volunteering by individual members of staff or groups, including through our Give As You Earn scheme, so that they can help the causes that are important to them.

For further information about our Sustainability strategy and actions, please contact our Group Director of Sustainability